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Reinventing data management for a transparent and end-to-end traceable supply chain



Our unique platform, enabled by blockchain technology, digitizes every step of a supply chain process, making it more efficient and secure. The platform ensures that only authorized users can add, view, and exchange information.


This ensures that all participants have access to the same accurate data, enhancing transparency and traceability while preventing any unauthorized tampering or alteration of information.


At the brand's packaging facility, Checko labels are applied to every item in the production line, making every product package individually identifiable and unclonable.


These products can then be tracked across the supply chain to their end consumers, where a consumer can independently ascertain the genuineness of the product by simply using a smartphone and a publicly available Checko App.

Why Blockchain?


Power of decentralisation

TraceX Blockchain Platforms provides single platforms for all players on the supply chain to record information.

Ownership of the data is not restricted to a single stakeholder

The decentralized architecture allows each stakeholder of the network to have the exact copy of the distributed ledger


TraceX Blockchain platform does not allow any alterations to the data recorded. Every member of the network has a digital copy. Only if most members think the transaction is valid is the information added to the digital ledger.

Information cannot be altered

Promotes transparency and accountability

One source of the truth

distributed ledgers

Distributed ledgers

Information is stored locally within each stakeholder’s system and database. Other members cannot see the data recorded unless the information is explicitly shared.

Collaborative working

Scalable and efficient

Secure, private and compliant

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