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Pile of forested logs

Industries We Serve

Every industry faces its unique challenges.  We have a bespoke solution for every industry.


Dive into the details below to discover how TaaS collaborates with industries like yours, introducing a new age of transparency, efficiency, and trust.

Checking the Crops


Agricultural & Raw Material Extraction

Pioneering traceability and transparency from farm to table. We empower agriculture businesses with tools to ensure raw materials are sourced ethically and sustainably.


Food & Beverage Processing

Enhance consumer trust by ensuring every product's journey is transparent. Our tools help brands guarantee food quality and origin, one bite at a time.

Roasting Coffee Beans
Image by Mockup Free


Packaging & Labelling

Elevate brand integrity with TaaS. From material sourcing to the information relayed on labels, we ensure every detail is transparent, trustworthy, and traceable.


Cosmetics & Personal Care

Build consumer confidence with verifiable product origins. With TaaS, beauty brands can ensure that every ingredient and process aligns with the highest standards.

Cosmetic Products


Textile Manufacturing

From thread origins to final garments, TaaS tools empower textile manufacturers to showcase their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.



From ingredient sourcing to end-user, ensure the sanctity and authenticity of every pill and solution, reinforcing public trust in your pharmaceutical products.

Image by Mika Baumeister
Electronic Circuit Board


Furniture, Automotive & Electronics Manufacturing

"Promote ethical and sustainable purchases, and stay compliant with regulations whether selling sofas, electronics components or cars."


Jewellery & Gemstones

Offer verifiable proof of ethically sourced and genuine gemstones. With TaaS, every jewel tells a transparent story.

Polishing ring
Rubber Processing


Rubbers & Plastics Production

Navigate the regulatory maze of rubbers and plastics with TaaS. Ensure every product is transparent, traceable, and compliant, safeguarding brand integrity.

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