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Cannsol produces next-generation plant extracts for your well-being and well-feeling based on nature for a better life. Jala-Life is the product line for the B2C market.

CannSol QR Code
CannSol QR Code

“In collaboration with Transparency as a Service AG, we designed, configured, and created a tailor-made and purpose-built business solution for supply chain management, product quality insurance and having a marketing and sales tool to trace and track through the entire value chain.

What we got is a digital ecosystem to be able to manage our business for the production and customer journey process. In other words, trace and track in the blockchain: Quality ensured for you.

Moreover, the QR Code “TRACE IT!” has the functionality that the consumer/user can follow the product journey in the blockchain, i.e. from production to sales.

This ensures the authenticity of the purchased product. What is more, for each product, the information includes the manufacturing and expiry date, lot number, formula, and ingredients. There is also a fact sheet, certificate of analysis and detailed product specifications available. This ensures trust”.

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