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Transforming Supply Chain Transparency: Cannsol's Journey with TAAS

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In the rapidly evolving wellness industry, where product authenticity and quality are paramount, Cannsol stands out with its commitment to transparency and consumer trust.

By partnering with Transparency as a Service AG (TAAS), Cannsol has redefined supply chain management and product traceability, ensuring quality assurance and regulatory compliance through blockchain technology.

Why does Cannsol need supply chain transparency?

Cannsol, a pioneer in next-generation plant extracts, faced significant challenges in managing its supply chain transparency. A critical aspect was developing a quality management system that ensured product quality and complied with stringent Swissmedic regulations. Alongside this, Cannsol needed an effective way to communicate the origin and authenticity of its products to end-users. In a market increasingly concerned about product integrity, especially in the wellness industry, it was imperative for Cannsol to find a solution that maintained product integrity and resonated with its discerning consumer base, ensuring adherence to the highest standards set by Swissmedic.

Our Solution

In response to these challenges, TAAS and Cannsol collaboratively engineered a tailored business solution encompassing the entire value chain. This comprehensive solution integrates supply chain management and product quality assurance, ensuring full compliance with Swissmedic standards. Utilizing advanced blockchain technology, the system offers unparalleled traceability, allowing Cannsol to guarantee the quality and authenticity of its products and transparently communicate this to end-users.

The heart of this solution lies in its ability to meld rigorous quality management with effective marketing and sales tools. This synergy between compliance and consumer engagement, powered by blockchain's enhanced transparency and reliability, enables Cannsol to manage its operations from production to customer journey efficiently. The result is a robust digital ecosystem that upholds Swissmedic compliance while fostering consumer trust and assurance.


  • QR Codes on Packaging: A pivotal feature enabling consumers to trace the product's journey via blockchain, from production to point of sale. This transparency is key in verifying the product's authenticity and ensuring Swissmedic compliance.

  • Comprehensive Product Information: Each product is accompanied by detailed information, including manufacturing and expiry dates, lot number, formula, and ingredients. A fact sheet complements this certificate of analysis and detailed product specifications, all of which are instrumental in meeting Swissmedic standards and providing consumers with quality and safety assurance.

  • Building Consumer Trust: Integrating these tools has revolutionized Cannsol's supply chain management. By offering transparency and comprehensive product information, Cannsol has significantly enhanced consumer trust, aligning its operations with industry best practices and the rigorous compliance requirements set by Swissmedic.

Impact and Results

Cannsol's partnership with TAAS has brought about a paradigm shift in its approach to managing and communicating product information. Leveraging the transparency and traceability afforded by TAAS's solutions, Cannsol has not only assured product quality and built substantial consumer trust but has also distinguished itself in the highly competitive wellness industry. Moreover, by adhering to Swissmedic standards, Cannsol has positioned itself at the forefront of regulatory compliance, ready to adapt to evolving industry requirements.

Cannsol's journey with TAAS is a testament to the transformative impact of innovative technology in supply chain management. By placing a high value on transparency, consumer trust, and compliance, Cannsol has established new benchmarks in the industry. This integration of authenticity and quality assurance into their business model exemplifies a forward-thinking approach, paving the way for others in the wellness sector.

To explore how TAAS can bring similar transformations to your supply chain management and prepare you for future compliance landscapes, contact us for more details or to schedule a demo.

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